IT notes

removing the ^M character

In vim, to remove the ^M character you could do: :e ++ff=dos The :e ++ff=dos command tells Vim to read the file again, forcing dos file format. Vim will remove CRLF and LF-only line endings, leaving only the text of each line in the buffer. Then set filetype to unix: :set ff=unix And save the file: :x

E437 terminal capability cm required

When trying to open vi/vim the following message could appear: "E437: terminal capability "cm" required" To fix it type: $ export TERM=xterm


Quote/unquote words: ciw'Ctrl+r"' or ciw '' Esc p p paste after the cursor, P will paste before the cursor. Search matches (gn with the dot command) Suppose that we have a document containing several occurrences of the word ‘Normal’ and we’d like to change each occurrence to ‘Visual’. We can run /Normal to search for the word ‘Normal’, then type cgnVisual<Esc> to change the next match to the word ‘Visual’ and by pressing .

brew macos

Homebrew installs the stuff you need that Apple didn’t. For example to update python and avoid many SSL warnings: brew install python To use an updated version of git on mac use: brew install git --whitout-completion To update vim: brew install vim --with-override-system-vi Updating zsh: # check the zsh info brew info zsh # install zsh brew install zsh # add shell path sudo vim /etc/shells # add the following line into the very end of the file(/etc/shells) /usr/local/bin/zsh # change default shell chsh -s /usr/local/bin/zsh Install some extra packages in oneline: