IT notes

vm-bhyve Pfsense

Install vm-bhyve: pkg add pkg add,2.pkg pkg add,1.pkg pkg add Add to /etc/rc.conf.local: vm_enable="YES" vm_dir="zfs:tank/vms" vm_delay="5" Create zfs tank/vms: zfs create tank/vms Initialize vm: vm init This should be run once after each host reboot before running any other vm commands Create switch in pfSense first and then using: vm switch create -t manual -b bridge0 public in this case bridge0 is the name of the bridge created from the GUI interface


How to connect using serial (usb/com RJ45) port on macOS: $ sudo cu -s 115200 -l /dev/tty.usbserial-DN04FSAL To bail out when you’re done, type ~. as you would with SSH. Boot example: After installing (zfs on root): The toy: