To send a zfs dataset being no root, on the origin server:

# zfs allow -g wheel send,snapshot,hold tank/foo

On the receiver, create the dataset and allow users in group wheel:

# zfs create -o mountpoint=/foo tank/foo
# zfs allow -g wheel compression,mountpoint,create,mount,receive tank/foo
# umount /foo

On the origin server create the snapshot to send:

# zfs snapshot -r tank/foo

On the origin server send the dataset by using:

$ zfs send -Rc tank/foo@today | ssh -p 23 [email protected] 'zfs receive -sFvu tank/foo'

-c is for compress" on the origin, and -s to resume on the receiver if ssh goes down

Then you may need to mount it on the receiver:

# zfs mount tank/foo


To send the dataset locally:

# zfs send -Rv tank/vmail@today | pbzip > vmail.bz2

To receive:

# pbzip2 -dc | zfs receive -Fv tank/vmail