VPS providers that allow use your own image/kernel

🔗Google cloud (only ipv4)

Allows to upload compreses raw images:

tar --format=gnutar -Szcf disk.tar.gz disk.raw

MTU needs to be set to 1460 and in some cases disable the checksum offload

🔗Amazon AWS (only ipv4)

Images can't be uploaded compressed, ans disabling TSO is required:

ifconfig_DEFAULT="SYNCDHCP -tso"

🔗IPV6 support



Instead of uploading the raw images, they will be fetched, a URL needs to be provider from where the image can be downloaded.

🔗netcup (avoid ⚠️ )


Very good prices, Images need to be uploaded via FTP.

There is an issue while rebooting instances due a bug on QEMU/KVM.

  • https://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/4377
  • https://bugs.launchpad.net/qemu/+bug/1329956

To replicate once login is up and running just reboot and later will stuck in the booting process like this:


To fix this, the virtual machine needs to be moved to another updated server.

headsup about German Provider Policies



Similar to netcup but only IPv4 and with "Floating IPs"

Images need to be in QCOW2 format

🔗script to create images: