Set window title:


Get pannel number:


Show clock:


Move pane to a new window:


Join panes:

<c-b>: join-pane -s 0 -t 3  move pane 1 to window 3
<c-b>: join-pane -t :1      move current pane to window 1

Create a new session:

<c-b>: new -s <name>

List sessions:

<c-b>w  expanded

Move pane to a another session:

<c-b>m              mark the pane
<c-b>w              go to the destination window/session
<c-b>: join-pane

or go to the pane you want to move, check the session name and windows you would like to move and try:

<c-b>: move-pane -t docker:0

docker is the name of the session and 0 the window

Split full window:

<c-b>: split-window -fv      like <c-b>"
<c-b>: split-window -fh      like <c-b>%

Rotate panes:


List buffers:


Disconnect / Detach users:


Attach to an existing session:

tmux a -t <name of session>