Setup up and configure your jail, then create user storj:

pw useradd -n storj -m

Clone and get and install latest version:

git clone -b v1.14.7 storj
cd storj
go install -race -v

Create a dir to contanin the identity and storage:

mkdir /mnt/storj
chown -R storj:storj /mnt/storj

In the main host create the file system to be used in the jail:

zfs create tank/storj

Create fstat.storj with something like:

/tank/storj     /jails/storj/mnt/storj    nullfs  rw      0       0

mkdir /jails/storej/mnt/storj before starting the jail

Change to user storj:

su - storj

Setup the node:

/home/storj/go/bin/storagenode setup --config-dir /mnt/storj --identity-dir /mnt/storj/identity

Config lools somethinig like:

contact.external-address: "IP or FQDN:28967"
identity.cert-path: /mnt/storj/identity/identity.cert
identity.key-path: /mnt/storj/identity/identity.key
log.level: info "your email address"
operator.wallet: "your wallet address"
server.address: :28967
server.revocation-dburl: bolt:///mnt/storj/storage/revocations.db
storage.allocated-disk-space: 2.00 TB
storage.path: /mnt/storj/storage

Create an identity:

/home/storj/go/bin/identity --config-dir /mnt/storj/identity create storagenode

this will take hours

Backup before you continue, it should be quick! 🙏 This allows you to restore your Node in case of an unfortunate hardware or OS incident.

Authorize the identity:

/home/storj/go/bin/identity authorize storagenode <email:characterstring>

Startup using immortal:

pkg install immortal

Create /usr/local/etc/immortal/storj.yml with something like:

cmd: /home/storj/go/bin/storagenode run --config-dir /mnt/storj/storage --identity-dir /mnt/storj/identity
user: storj
  file: /var/log/storj.log

Enable immortaldir_enable:

sysrc immortaldir_enable="YES"

Start it:

service immortaldir start

Follow up: