asciinema [as-kee-nuh-muh] is a free and open source solution for recording terminal sessions and sharing them on the web.



pkg install asciiname


brew update && brew install asciinema

🔗Recording tmux session

Setup your tmux session create windows, splits, start processes in them:

tmux new -s name

Detach (prefix+d) and start recording with:

asciinema rec -c "tmux attach -t name" /tmp/play.json

When you're finished, just detach the session again and play it with:

asciinema play /tmp/play.json


To upload the video

 asciinema upload /tmp/play.json

To claim ownership:

 asciinema auth

Example file unicorn.json

Video: asciicast

Example file immortal.json

Video: asciicast

Example file runit.json

Video: asciicast

Example file immortal-logger.json

Video: asciicast